Anjali Leadership

Developing generations of conscious leaders to more effectively navigate today's complexities and collectively create a future where all may thrive.

Executive coaching for business leaders, coaches and youth development programs.

Developing generations of conscious leaders

We help business leaders, consultants, coaches and young people to develop conscious leadership to foster their best business performance and most satisfying lives.

Who will navigate complexity more effectively

We'll show you the one essential shift to make, and integrate, that will transform your leadership and empower you to deal much more effectively with the ever-growing complexity you face.

While collectively creating the best future

Our desire is to foster the collective creation of the best possible future where everyone can thrive. We see leadership development as a vital ingredient for this vision to become a reality.

Find the programs that are best for you:

Business Leaders

Executives and Management grapple with more complexity than ever before. Research has shown that the ability to navigate this complexity with more ease and less wasted effort is highly correlated with HOW you think, rather than WHAT you do. Simply said, the old ways of leading that worked well in decades past, just won't cut it today.

Learn to think differently

Leadership Consultants and Coaches

Business Executive Coaches are uniquely positioned to champion, guide and evoke the leadership transformation that is needed now. This can only happen through a deeper partnership with the client that goes well beyond the basics. The profession is evolving...make sure you are too!

Expand your practice

Youth Programs

Power Circles for Youth has the potential to change the trajectory of the lives of young people. It helps them to become more resilient, to evolve unique and unconventional solutions, and to think critically and broadly.

Invest in our future

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