Anjali Leadership is a management consulting & coach training firm based in Toronto, Canada. It was founded in 2005 by Shahmeen Sadiq and serves businesses in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean Region. 

With a core of seasoned business consultants and leadership development experts, we collectively have over 120 years of experience guiding businesses to transform leadership, elevate effectiveness and advance performance.

If you’re like most of our clients, you’re passionate, purposeful and committed to the success of your business.

But… something is getting in your way!


Is your business suffering because of dysfunctional leaders?

Are they smart people, who don’t know how to lead?

Do they produce results, yet leave a trail of destruction in their wake?


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Open Doors, Build Bridges and Expand!

We’re throwing open the doors to Anjali Leadership to share the secrets of our success so you can capitalize on a powerful approach.  July 24-26/17 – 8:30am-4:30pm,  Toronto Learn More


The Art and Heart of Coaching Webinar Series

The Art and Heart of Coaching is a mentoring program for seasoned coaches and other human development professionals.  The next series is September 19-November 14/17  
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Pushing for Extraordinary

The morning dawned crisp and cool, with that thin layer of grey-blue cloud way up there that I just knew would burn off as the sun got higher in the sky. I took off the thin sweater that had kept me warm until now, and hung it on the rail at the side of the road,...
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New Basics for Coaching Success

I'm conducting an experiment to desensitize myself to gluten. So far it's going really well, and I've been paying more attention than ever to the ingredients in the bread we've been purchasing. Lists of additives a mile long have me considering digging out that old...
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Up Your Game

We are big basketball fans in my family, as both of my sons have played competitively for many years.  One thing I’ve always admired about both boys is that they are very team oriented and will often pass the ball even when they are within what appears to be close...
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