Discover what matters most to you, then build your life as a testament to this.


Challenge long held stories you tell about yourself, others and the way things work.


At the heart of it, we all want the same things: to be happy, enjoy life and be free.

Anjali is a Sanskrit word that means Heartfelt offering, which is what our work here at Anjali Leadership represents. Our intention is to partner with you, through leadership development, executive coaching and profound personal exploration, for your greatest success and joy at work, at home and in all arenas of your lives.

There are many excellent resources out there that can tell you what you need to do in order to gain this success and satisfaction, yet most ignore any mention of how to do it.  Most well-intentioned leadership development results fizzle out after a few weeks as a result.  Leaders revert to old, suboptimal behaviours, leaving themselves and the employees who work with them utterly frustrated and demoralized.

At Anjali Leadership, we engage leaders in something essential: a leadership and mindset transformation so that you can elevate your meaning-making systems: habits, thinking and behaviours. You begin to act with more clarity and decisiveness, collaborate and connect more deeply, and soon are inhabiting your roles optimally and effectively.  The complexity that presented such a huge barrier falls away, now you create sustainable results with more ease, grace and elegance than you ever thought possible.

New Basics for Coaching Success

New Basics for Coaching Success

I'm conducting an experiment to desensitize myself to gluten. So far it's going really well, and I've been paying more attention than ever to the ingredients in the bread we've been purchasing. Lists of additives a mile long have me considering digging out that old...

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Up Your Game

Up Your Game

We are big basketball fans in my family, as both of my sons have played competitively for many years.  One thing I’ve always admired about both boys is that they are very team oriented and will often pass the ball even when they are within what appears to be close...

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Advanced Training for Coaches

Open Doors, Build Bridges and Expand!

We’re throwing open the doors to Anjali Leadership to share the secrets of our success so you can capitalize on a powerful approach.

Dates: May 31, June 1-2, 2017 – 8:30am-4:30pm,  Toronto

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The Art and Heart of Coaching Webinar Series

The Art and Heart of Coaching is a mentoring program for seasoned coaches and other human development professionals, led by Shahmeen Sadiq, Founder and Creator of this model.

The next series extends from September 19-November 14, no class on October 17 and consists of eight 90-minute webinar meetings. These meetings will be held every Tuesday from 2-3:30pm Eastern time.

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Shahmeen is a master at evoking in others The Essential, and nurturing it to full expression. The results are vibrant teams and purposeful communities and individuals who come alive in surprising and exciting ways. For Shahmeen, the question is never “Did we reach our target or goal?” but, “How close are we to what’s truly possible here?

Dan Holden

Daniel Holden Associates

“What distinguishes Shahmeen beyond her competence is her spirit. Shahmeen radiates respect and care for those she works with…I would work with Shahmeen anytime, anywhere, and in any circumstance. She has my utmost respect…

Andrew Bennett

The Magic of Andrew Bennett