Learn to Evoke

Leadership Transformation

through our powerful practitioner development processes taught by Shahmeen Sadiq,
Founder of Anjali Leadership

Advanced Training for TLC Coaches

Advanced training for coaches who use The Leadership CircleTM instruments. This interactive and practical webinar training will be delivered by Shahmeen Sadiq, Founder and CEO of Anjali Leadership, who has been certifying and mentoring coaches in these instruments since 2008. Next session starts April 23, 2019.

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Advanced Training for Seasoned Coaches

Learn the Art of Evoking Leadership Transformation through our practical, experiential and powerful advanced training for seasoned coaches and consultants. This process extends over 3 months and has ample opportunity to practice, with plenty of feedback to help your practice evolve. Offered in small cohorts, to maximize your learning and deepen your practice.

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Moving into Mastery

Our firm belief is that coaches must be engaged in the same development work that they invite their clients to do. This is a matter of integrity, as well as necessity. Your work with Shahmeen takes this one step further. Gain depth, breadth and structure for your coaching mastery through one-on-one mentoring. This is Shahmeen's special blend of coaching and mentoring and can also include supervision.

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"...every time you speak and share, whether we're on a webinar that you are leading, in a room full of leaders you are training, or in a coaching conversation where you are coaching, your heart, wisdom, love, light, groundedness, vulnerability, authenticity, truth, courage...they all come through loud and clear. And make me feel seen and heard and held and connected and not alone. Your heart reaches out and connects with and then holds my heart whenever you speak. ...you have something incredible to share with the world at large. And it's not just what you know to be true, your coaching model, or your programs. It's you and how you speak and share these truths. Your message comes from the heart and lands in the heart of those you share it with. And calls forth the love, wisdom, light, authenticity, truth, courage in the hearts of others."

Kathryn Hall
Executive Coach

"I consider it a privilege to had had the opportunity to meet and learn from Shahmeen. I found our coaching sessions incredibly insightful and they positively contributed to my personal growth and effectiveness at work. Shahmeen uses her intuition to help guide the sessions, with great effect. My experience has had a profound impact on my life. I hold Shahmeen in my heart with great affection and reverence. I feel I cleared some long standing issues and I am very excited about the next chapter in my life."

Human Resources Professional

"Shahmeen is a masterful guide and gifted and creating and holding the space to cultivate deep awareness, learning and growth."

Donna Richards Muriel
Executive Coach

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