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Are you earning the income you desire from coaching?


Congratulations! You are a member of a very small group of professionals who have been able to create a robust coaching practice.

Shahmeen Sadiq, PCC

Shahmeen Sadiq, PCC

I’m Shahmeen Sadiq, Founder and CEO of Anjali Leadership and since 2007 I’ve trained, certified and mentored hundreds of coaches and other professionals who work with human beings.  My powerful mentoring programs can help you take the great work you are doing with clients, and deepen it for profound insights and increased usefulness.

Start below by watching these free videos on The Art and Heart of Coaching, my powerful coaching model. 

The Art and Heart of Coaching ModelIf that resonates, consider joining the next webinar-based AHC Mentoring Program to learn how to deepen your coaching and to connect it more concretely to the business world that  your clients live in. 

I also work with coaches individually. If this is what you are seeking. Let’s have a conversation to discuss.


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I know you are passionate about how coaching can serve your ideal clients. Yet, something is getting in the way.

Does this sound like you?

Do you struggle to speak about coaching in a concrete way?

Do you cringe at the thought of “being in sales”?  

Does your inner critic put up obstacles, slowing the building of your practice?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, rest assured you are not alone! I know how you feel, and I can help.

Shahmeen Sadiq, PCC

Shahmeen Sadiq, PCC

I’m Shahmeen Sadiq, Founder and CEO of Anjali Leadership, and I used to dread anything related to sales. After all, coaching is heartfelt work, right? Something I felt so purposeful about and so eager to put into service widely.  So it felt wrong, somehow, to ask to be paid for this.  I thought if this was my life purpose, then it was a bit crass to attach a dollar sign to it.

Wow, did I ever have it backwards!  The light bulb came on after yet another return to my former career left me so unfulfilled that I got seriously ill. I made a declaration that day to walk forward into my coaching practice and never look back.

Since then, I’ve grown Anjali Leadership from a fraction of my former corporate income to a full on management consulting firm specializing in leadership development and executive coaching with six consultants on my team.

Start here by watching this recording of a free webinar I offered recently on How to Sell Coaching with Confidence.


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The Art and Heart of Coaching


Group mentoring programs for coaches. Video series to introduce & share details of this Coaching Framework.

The Art & Heart of Coaching Webinar energized my coaching and has helped me drop even more deeply into compassion and vulnerability. Shahmeen’s model gave new form and creativity to my coaching and the impact rippling into my own work has been powerful. She is a treasure chest of wisdom, compassion and spot-on intuition. Whether participating in her webinar or experiencing her as a coach, I find her presence expansive.

Mary Lothrop

Executive Coach

The Art & Heart of Coaching  model re-energized me as a 10-year seasoned coach!  Shahmeen shares her approach to identifying limiting beliefs and creating new stories that foster deep and real growth. The best part is that this model is a conduit to Shahmeen’s magic which really does integrate art and heart…her loving coaching process.  I continue to use The Art & Heart model for my own personal growth and as a fresh tool in my leadership coaching work.  

Janet Hulet

Executive Coach