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Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed by competing priorities and a feeling of never being “caught up”?


Are you noticing the markers of diminishing returns: increased staff turnover, sliding satisfaction scores, endless meetings that ultimately lead nowhere, and diminishing revenue and profit?


Have you joined the “4am club” – finding yourself wide awake worrying about how you’re going to make it all come together?


If so…Welcome!  You are not alone.


There is nothing wrong with you. You are inherently enough, just as you are.


You are a “work in progress” who can learn, develop and move through life and leadership using a variety of new navigational strategies.


This may come as a surprise, but the above is also true for your colleagues, those who work in your organization, those who are beloved to you, and every person you come across throughout your life.  It’s even true for those of us at Anjali Leadership who guide and coach leaders, and the host of other consultants and experts you’ve met through your travels.

With this spirit of acceptance and a willingness to welcome you as the perfect work in progress you are, we begin our exploration together.

If this sounds like you, read on about how we work with leaders to transform these cycles of frustration and despair into graceful and elegant leadership that creates sustainable results.



What patterns are you repeating over and over again and how are they serving you and your organization? 

Many of our clients are very well intended human beings who have risen into senior leadership roles where they suddenly find themselves challenged by competing demands, increasing complexity and an ever-changing business landscape with a larger set of problems to solve.

Their natural response is to work longer, harder and with more intensity so they can struggle or fight their way to the surface where they can finally take a breath. But it doesn’t play out the way they’d hoped. 

All that hard work that may have been useful in the past isn’t making it better today.  And worse still, they sometimes create unintended impacts like disengagement, burnout and high rates of turnover, which costs them so much more and creates a whole other set of challenges. All of this, of course, distracts them from creating the vision or goal they came to work to bring into being in the first place.  


If this sounds like you and others in your organization, take a moment to relax as you realize you’re not alone in this.

We begin by helping you discover your unique pattern and inviting a practice of catching yourself “in the act”, which is a necessary first step to your journey forward from here.



It is an act of great courage to say, “Let me inquire into how I’m contributing to the problems that we’re experiencing here.”

This inquiry begins with identifying your own patterns and observing them, learning what activates you, what actions you then take, how things play out and what results you get from it.

It’s an even greater act of courage to say, “Here’s what I’m learning about myself and here are some experiments I’m going to run so that I can find out what will happen when I do it differently.”

Together we’ll come up with some experiments for you to run at work, so you can ultimately add better navigational strategies to put into service.



It’s fantastic to experiment with something new. 

Now you need to observe and reflect on how the new ways are serving you:  Do they foster more camaraderie and connection with the people you work with? Do they make it easier to navigate obstacles that were like brick walls in the past?  Are you able to create things that previously eluded you? What tweaks might be helpful to make this new way even more powerful? 

We are your lab partners in this process. Through regular coaching sessions you get to put the output of your experiments on the table and really take a look at it all.  Then decide what works well and what doesn’t, so you can have more than one navigational strategy to rely on.

Better yet, engage us to work with your entire leadership team. The best leadership training session in the world won’t change the culture at work without some way of adopting new vocabulary, behaviours and a structure to sustain the learning.



Who we work with:

Our leadership consulting and executive coaching clientele is comprised of approximately:

  • 60% C-Suite and E/S/VP level
  • 30% Director and Senior Management level
  • 10% High Potential/Middle Management level

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