Optimal Leadership
is your Competitive Advantage!

Transform your leadership effectiveness and improve business performance with the Introduction to Optimal Leadership program.

Perfect for New,
Emerging and High Potential Leaders

Competent experts are often promoted to managerial roles, with an assumption that they'll automatically know how to lead. That isn't always the case. Fill in the gaps with Introduction to Optimal Leadership for maximum effectiveness.

The Gift of Feedback:
No More Guessing
about Your Impact

It all begins with a 360-degree leadership assessment, with feedback from those you work closely with. We use state-of-the-art assessments so you can quickly identify what you're doing well, and what you need to work on. 

Powerful and

Practical and experiential learning, in a small group setting, that extends over four sessions. Introduction to Optimal Leadership lets you put the learning into action immediately, priced so that your boss can easily say "yes"!

Join Introduction to Optimal Leadership

The Centre for Leadership Development by Anjali Leadership, has created this leadership training and coaching program through our experience over the past 13+ years of guiding hundreds of leaders in dozens of industries to more conscious and effective leadership at work, at home and in their communities.

Here's what you will learn: 

  • The impact that your behaviours are having on people at work

  • How the structures you’ve set up – at home, at work and in your mind - are also affecting your performance

  • How to leverage your strengths and minimize the habits that are holding you back

  • How to better navigate turbulent times including giving and receiving feedback to others

  • New practices you can integrate and continue using long after the program is complete

The program includes:

  • The Leadership Circle Profile 360-degree assessment and individual telephone debriefing session.
  • Four in-person group sessions:
    • Self Leadership
    • Vision and Mindset
    • Clearing Obstacles
    • How to Engage Others More Effectively


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Our Purpose

The Centre for Leadership Development exists to develop generations of conscious leaders to more effectively navigate today's complexities and collectively create a future where all may thrive.

We facilitate engaging, experiential and deeper conversations about the things that matter most. We believe that the most effective leaders are those who develop heightened self-awareness, coupled with greater relationship skills. As such, our goal is not to replicate company-specific training, rather to complement it with the opportunity to learn and apply next-level practices and skills to build your personal and professional leadership, no matter what role you might play at work.

Additionally, our programs provide the opportunity to discuss things that are sometimes difficult to raise during the busy workday. Many people who have attended our programs say they feel huge relief at finding out they are not alone in the challenges they are facing. Now you can stop worrying about "being the only one" and begin forging a better way forward!

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