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As seasoned leadership consultants who have served as development partners to hundreds of businesses since 2005, we are often asked what common themes we notice. The answers are revealing:

  • As business complexity escalates, relational dynamics break down.
  • Ineffective leadership behaviours are tolerated, or worse, have become the norm.
  • Achievement comes at a high cost that is unsustainable.

In the time it takes to have a cup of coffee, we can show you which behavioural tendencies are likely at the root of your business challenges. Then we’ll create a unique map to guide your business to shift these behaviours so you can focus on creating the results and performance that you’re so passionately committed to.

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Anjali Leadership is your development partner for changing behavioural patterns so you can achieve sustainable results with ease. Our seasoned leadership consultants and executive coaches and will guide your leaders on the following:


Productivity and Performance Objectives

Your leaders and teams need to become more effective at creating sustainable results, especially as resources are constrained in a changing and complex business environment.


Managing Growth Well

Your business is expanding and there are many moving parts that are getting harder to stay on top of. You sense there’s another way to lead, but you haven’t learned it yet. We’ll show you what it is, and how to achieve it.


Building Effective Relationships

You’re seen as a value-added partner to your customers, vendors, and internal clients and want to keep it that way. As others enter your arena, the quality of relationship you offer may become your largest competitive advantage.


Corporate Reputation

You want to maintain high morale to match the good reputation you have in the marketplace. You realize the negative impact of the “revolving door” of employee turnover and want to ensure that the good people working with you are committed, engaged and appreciated.


Financial Goals

To remain profitable you may need to expand or add revenue streams, and reduce costs and inefficiencies.


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Partnering with Anjali Leadership ensures a powerful process that addresses all of these elements. Through a blend of diagnostics, experiential learning, training, and ongoing coaching, transformation happens. It is not always fast (except when it is!) and it sometimes takes great courage to stay with the process. Results are felt in all areas and have a profound and lasting impact on the organization.



We’ll help you build more effective leadership, improve business performance and increase your success by guiding you to:


  • Create a compelling picture of the results you are after, and why they are so important to you.
  • Get real about where you are today – no sugar coating or flattery included!
  • Develop and strengthen high leverage leadership competencies
  • Minimize and neutralize sub-optimal habits and tendencies that waste your energy and prevent you from achieving
  • Cultivate a leadership culture of alignment, engagement, effectiveness and ease
  • Produce sustainable results with elegance and grace

“…every time you speak and share, whether we’re on a webinar that you are leading, in a room full of leaders you are training, in a coaching conversation where you are coaching…your heart, wisdom, love, light, groundedness, vulnerability, authenticity, truth, courage…they all come through loud and clear.  And make me feel seen and heard and held and connected and not alone. Your heart reaches out and connects with and then holds my heart whenever you speak.  It is a gift.  YOU are a gift.  And your gift helps me grow. HUGELY.

You are different than others out there…your message comes from the heart and lands in the heart of those you share it with.  And calls forth the love, wisdom, light, authenticity, truth, courage, … in the hearts of others.”

Kathryn Hall, Attune Coaching Group

“Shahmeen is a master at evoking in others The Essential, and nurturing it to full expression. The results are vibrant teams and purposeful communities and individuals who come alive in surprising and exciting ways. For Shahmeen, the question is never ‘Did we reach our target or goal?’ but, ‘How close are we to what’s truly possible here?'”

Dan Holden, Daniel Holden Associates

“What distinguishes Shahmeen beyond her competence is her spirit. Shahmeen radiates respect and care for those she works with…I would work with Shahmeen anytime, anywhere, and in any circumstance. She has my utmost respect…”

Andrew Bennett, The Magic of Andrew Bennett

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