Easy to say, hard to do!

I was graced with the opportunity recently to take up this invitation. As risky as it felt to be willing to put down the story I was telling myself about the situation, I was blessed to be able to set my ego to the side for a few minutes and look at it all through a new lens.

I was humbled to learn: 

  • The explanation I learned for why something had happened had WAY LESS to do with me than I ever could have imagined
  • I am, in so many ways, just like “them” – those who I perceived had wronged me

While I had wondered many times whether this relationship might be fading away, I’m left more inspired and excited than ever to see how it unfolds from here!

What about you? Where could you create a new possibility? What are the stories you tell yourself about you, others and how things work, that you’d need to set aside in order to stop taking it personally? 

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