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Leadership Development
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Wiser Leadership


Our Executive Leadership Development Programs are:

Focused: Leadership development to improve the culture so your entire organization can thrive.

Integrated: Executive coaching that relates to the real-life situations your leaders are facing. 

Collaborative: We are your executive development partner, supporting you in serving the business well.

Expansive: We show your leaders how to remain productive, while including and engaging the people they work with.

Customized: For your organization’s unique situation. No more boxed management training. 

Practical: Every group and individual session will leave your leaders with concrete actions to take.

Benefits of building Wiser Leadership

Gain a competitive advantage

Attract, develop and retain the best people

Deliver outstanding results

Anjali Leadership

We support you with practical, customized leadership development and executive coaching programs.

Highly productive people often get promoted into leadership roles. After all, the reasoning goes, if they can do the job well, the next natural step is to make them a manager.

Problem is, being good at their job doesn't automatically mean they'll be good at leading people. And we all know that disgruntled employees don't leave organizations, they leave bad bosses and the less than optimal culture that they created.



Our Philosophy

We have coached hundreds of leaders across North America and the Caribbean region since 2005 to build wiser, more effective leadership, so that they can better navigate the increasing complexity of the business landscape and create sustainable results with ease, grace and less wasted effort. 

With all of the transformation organizations have been engaged in, people are being asked to inhabit roles and grapple with complexity that is new and different from what they dealt with in their previous positions. Like all of our clients, you have thoughtfully laid out new structures, responsibilities, business processes, accountabilities and expectations designed to create the desired performance. 

Anjali Leadership is here to engage your leaders now in something essential that must accompany these new structures: a leadership transformation so that leaders can elevate their habits, thinking and behaviours to more effectively inhabit the roles they are in and deal with the elevated complexity therein.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Creating a compelling vision
  • Enrolling others in this vision powerfully, so that they understand how their “piece of the puzzle” fits in, therefore establishing a strategic view of what each is doing and how it contributes to the creation of the vision
  • Transforming leaders' mindsets so they can move from departmental management and a limited view of their work to strategic leadership and a broader understanding that integrates more
  • Providing authentic, specific and targeted feedback and support to leaders for the sake of elevating performance
  • Holding people to their commitments for the sake of creating a culture of accountability
  • Upgrading the inner “operating system” so that old habits of thought and action can be extinguished and replaced with new habits that are more useful for the performance you are seeking today
  • Cultivating self-awareness to acknowledge and amplify leadership gifts, and build strength in areas where they haven’t had as much opportunity to grow
  • Harnessing the power of teams to bring complementary gifts to the table
  • Courageously surfacing conflict instead of avoiding it, learning that the diversity of ideas (which may cause conflict) to lead the team to a better outcome than if the conflict had been bypassed or buried

How does it work?

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