FAQs about Leadership Development & Executive Coaching Programs

What are the qualities of the best leaders?

The best leaders operate with a commitment to building outstanding, respected and effective leadership, grounded in dignity, wisdom and talent. These leaders are able to navigate the expanding complexities of our current times while remaining focused on their vision and purpose. They support and inspire their teams and organization to create business performance and results with ease, as they leverage the contributions, talents and strengths of all of their people.

Handle the mounting complexity together

Stay centered in turbulent times

Improve business performance

It sounds good. But we've had training and coaching before and not a lot really stuck with us afterwards. How can we be sure that this will be different?

Leadership begins on the inside

Have you ever gone to a workshop or been through a training program where you returned to work really inspired to change, only to find out that within a couple of weeks you had reverted to your old habits and tendencies?

Many consultants and programs out there provide leaders with inventories of important strengths and skills they must develop, but without regard to the inner operating system that a leader needs in order to consistently put those strengths and skills into service.

We're different.

Through a decade and a half of leadership development with hundreds of clients, we know that the MOST important thing you can build, is a more robust foundation for your leadership. That starts on the inside!

Get ready. The invitation we are offering is to a deeper journey that will ask more of you than perhaps you've experienced before.

I'm up for this invitation! Now, tell me more about what will we learn from you.

Put your own oxygen mask on first

Many of our clients are so concerned about the well-being of others that they put themselves at the bottom of their priority list. Listen, if you are exhausted, depleted and overwhelmed, you're not going to be of much use to those others who need you. The best leadership begins with taking better care of your primary asset: YOU!

Did you know that there are many next-level practices you can use to facilitate more flow? We know what these are (because we continue to learn and practice them ourselves) and we'll teach you how to put them into service.

Get Clarity on Your Purpose and Vision

Get reconnected to why you are here. What drew you into your line of work? How do you see your contributions impacting the greater whole: at work, in your community, across the globe? While keeping up with the hectic pace, increased demands and mounting complexity it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. And when you lose sight of it, the people who work with you will suffer. Overwhelm, careless errors, apathy and turnover are common results...do you see how important this clarity is?

How to Clear Obstacles so You Can Thrive

Every person who has created something that matters has had to face obstacles along the way. Learn how to choose the ones to grapple with and the ones to let be. Find out what the biggest shift is that you can make, that will allow you to thrive, no matter what curve balls life throws at you.

How to Inspire Your People and Leverage Their Gifts

People often ask us what the primary issues are in the world of leadership. Our response?

Number 1: Relationships

Yup that's right. Not technical stuff, not subject matter expertise. Just the people side of things. How to work with them. How to inspire them. How to motivate them. How to communicate with them.

We'll show you how to do this, but you'll need a little of something else in order to succeed:

Number 2: Self-Awareness

The default management style you've perfected over the years is at best about 50% effective. Optimal leaders are like conductors, except the orchestra is made up of aspects of themselves. Sometimes you need more bass, other times you need more percussion, and sometimes a lighter touch is more useful. Most leaders have an abundance of one element, and will benefit from learning to embody the others.

We'll help you get there.

I'm in! Is there anything else I should know before I set a time for us to speak?

The Two Truths

We hold two things to be true about everyone, all the time.

You are enough as you are.


You are a work in progress.

These two truths are the bookends of our powerful development model, so you'll likely hear us reminding you, and ourselves about these often. They are truths we all tend to forget, especially when things aren't going well!

It might sound like a brain teaser and if so, that's ok. Just let it sit with you and see how it helps as you go about your daily life. 

Let us know what you noticed when we meet!

One Final Thing

Leadership development is a journey, not an event. 

A journey without some structure can end up feeling like circling around in a black hole. That's what some of our clients say about previous coaching they've had before meeting us.

We're different.

The engine powering our work is a strong developmental model that continues to emerge as we practice the art of evolving this leadership transformation. This model includes powerful frameworks and directional adult development pathways from those who came before us. It rests upon a partnership with your coach that keeps YOU front and centre, the starring actor in your own life story.

At Anjali Leadership, we practice what we teach. All of our coaches are fully engaged in THEIR own developmental process. You're in the competent hands of those who have been there and know what it takes to make it through. In other words, we walk our talk!

Our sessions are structured so that you can reflect, learn, gain insights and choose experiments to run that arise out of those insights. Between sessions you'll go and run those experiments and notice what happens when you do. Then you'll come back for the next session, ready to report on what you noticed, then reflect, learn, gain insights and choose another experiment to run that arises out of those insights. And so on, and so on, and so on...

This generative process will take you towards integrating your best leadership and creating the results that you are passionate about creating.

Are you ready? We are! Let's get started!

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"We seldom find the conversations we came into this life to be in. Essential conversations that come from the core of who and what we are, not from the roles we appear to play. Shahmeen is a master at evoking in others The Essential, and nurturing it to full expression. The results are vibrant teams and purposeful communities and individuals who come alive in surprising and exciting ways. For Shahmeen, the question is never “Did we reach our target or goal?” but, “How close are we to what’s truly possible here?” Contact her and see what it’s like to be in the presence of someone who sees you and knows what’s seeking genuine expression in your life and work. Shahmeen comes with my highest recommendation."

Dan Holden
Founder, Daniel Holden Associates

"I would work with Shahmeen anytime, anywhere, and in any circumstance. She has my utmost respect and I have recommended her to clients where my reputation has been on the line."

Andrew Bennett
The Magic of Andrew Bennett

"I had the benefit of meeting Shahmeen as the group facilitator during my certification for The Leadership Circle. After 20+ years in the profession, I was surprised to see her powerful skills in action during this workshop. Shahmeen is truly an amazing group facilitator. She has extraordinary energy, can manage multiple classroom/ participant issues simultaneously, has a very deep working knowledge of relationships and leadership, and is most inspirational. I left the session inspired, changed and motivated. Shahmeen has extraordinary insights, is very present with each interaction and is a role model for what I aspire to. It is with great pleasure that I offer my highest recommendations. "

Michael O'Connor
Vice President, Business Development

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