An Invitation

Aug 23, 2019

I turn the corner and am stopped short by the joyous scene. Hundreds of people have gathered in a large open space. They are smiling, totally present as they engage each other with genuine interest. The room shimmers with diversity of age, identity, nationality, race, religion, politics, beliefs and thought, yet it resonates with respect, care and regard for what is common: our shared humanity. The energy is joyful, yet grounded; some are even dancing! Although I have convened this gathering, there are guides and teachers who are here too; we are holding the space in partnership all together. 

I awaken, profoundly moved, excited to call this community into being as soon as possible.

It's been about a year since that vision arose in my dreams. I've been quiet, making essential internal preparations. I am ready now. It is time.

I invite you to join This Human Being.

This Human Being is a global community of perfectly imperfect people, co-exploring what lies beyond mastery, while enjoying being human together.

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