Beat the Clock

May 01, 2018

Time is sliding by so quickly these days, isn’t it?

My vision was to release our advanced coach training that week, but life intervened. Despite the frustration that simmered under the surface at times, I chose to smile kindly at myself and trust that the program would launch when everything calmed down.

“Man proposes, God disposes,” my late grandmother always said.

My younger son had been unwell, you see. With one of those lingering colds that moved down into his chest accompanied by incessant coughing and a recurring fever. All of the priorities that seemed so important that week fell to the side as I put my focus onto him and his well-being.

When my children were younger, I used to play an unconscious game with myself. I call it “Beat the Clock”.  It’s a game of pride, ambition and perfection – one designed to bring a smile of delight to all the Type A’s out there!  And, the costs of this game can be dangerously high. Health and well-being of self and loved ones, as well as your presence and attention can suffer. I played it enough to experience each of these costs at least once. It turns out this game is not as much fun as I originally thought it was.

Are you playing your own version of this game right now? How do you handle all those loose ends flapping out there that are just dying to be tied up neatly before the week/season/year concludes? Are you rushing madly about or have you found ways to navigate with ease and grace? How do you handle the unexpected twists that can derail your best laid plans?

Until we join again,

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