Do you resist support?

Apr 19, 2018

My younger son is in his last year of elementary school. This morning I was reflecting on how grateful I am to his school for supporting him, and his peers, as they prepare to transition to high school. The teachers, guidance counsellors and Principal are wonderful human beings who care so deeply about these young people and really want to get them launched well for their next chapter.

You know what? We all need circles of support. Even those of us who appear so competent, capable and together.

Life cycles us through phases of disruption, surrender and grace. Though the process is similar each time around, the content that we are invited to grapple with this time represents a deeper dive into whatever particular life work we have come here to do.

One element of my life work is to learn to ask for and receive support.

A few months ago, I got lost, again. Choices I made demanded more from me than I expected, and I was pretty harsh with myself for failing to acknowledge the pitfalls and not dealing with them sooner or better.

The more difficult things got, the easier it was to let go of my purpose and vision. Maybe I didn’t want it anyway. Maybe that’s not what I was put here to do after all! Best to remain safe, small and to fly under the radar. If I let my vision go, then there was no chance of failing to achieve it.

We ALL need circles of support. Even those of us who serve as support to others.

As I reached a new low, I could not NOT ask for help. It was extraordinary how many beloved family members, friends, colleagues, coaches and clients were there for me. These people stayed in the conversation with me, reminded me of who I am and why I am here, called me out on my limiting assumptions and helped me remember that at my core, I am enough, I am good and I have much value to offer. Slowly I found my footing again on ground that got firmer with every step.

I am so grateful to these awesome human beings. What a blessing to have such strong circles of support. 

What about you? Do you resist support in favour of your own brave efforts? Or have you consciously cultivated it in your life? 

With gratitude to each of you for the support you undoubtedly are offering out there and a heartfelt wish for you to allow yourself to receive it too!

Until we join again,


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