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Anjali Leadership's Mission

Our mission is to develop generations of conscious leaders to more effectively navigate today's complexities and collectively create a future where all may thrive.

In service to this mission, we help executives, leaders and managers achieve results with more humanity and less wasted energy. We also mentor coaches and other human development professionals.

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Developing generations of conscious leaders

We help business leaders and the consultants & coaches who work with them to develop conscious leadership to foster their best business performance and most satisfying lives.

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Effectively navigate today's complexities

We'll show you the one essential shift to make, and integrate, that will transform your leadership and empower you to deal much more effectively with the ever-growing complexity you face. 

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Collectively create a future where all may thrive

Our desire is to foster the collective creation of the best possible future where everyone can thrive, if they so choose. We see leadership development as a vital ingredient for this vision to become a reality.

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How We Work With You

We are not like those other leadership consultants or executive coaches that try to fit you into a box. We help you by facilitating engaging, experiential and deeper conversations about the things that matter most, so that you can clear obstacles, focus on your highest leverage moves and empower your organization to succeed with ease.

We believe that the most effective leaders are those who develop heightened self-awareness, coupled with greater relationship skills. Our work complements yours by teaching you to apply and integrate next-level practices and skills to build your personal and professional leadership, no matter what role you might play in your work.

"Anjali" is a Sanskrit word that means "Heartfelt Offering" 

and our work is indeed the heartfelt offering of Shahmeen Sadiq, who created Anjali Leadership in 2005, after a 15-year career in leadership in the public service. What began as an individual coaching practice soon grew to a full-on leadership development consultancy, using executive coaching at the individual, team and system levels as our primary service delivery mechanism. Since then, we have had the privilege of guiding hundreds of leaders in dozens of industries to develop conscious and intentional leadership. We are staffed with a core group of consultants, all trained extensively by Shahmeen, and we have access to a global network of highly qualified practitioners. We can serve you in Toronto, throughout Canada, the United States and the Caribbean Region, and wherever else you are located across the globe!

As Anjali Leadership began to grow, Shahmeen was introduced to The Leadership CircleTM suite of leadership assessments. She was captivated by the strength of the frameworks underpinning these instruments, as well as the elegance of the instruments and the leadership and development journey they propose. Within a year, she was fully certified not only to use the instruments, but to teach, certify and mentor other human development professionals in their use. She continues today to certify over a hundred practitioners each year through her role as master trainer, which she has held since 2008.

This combination of direct client work and training/mentoring other practitioners led to the evolution of our powerful model for leadership development. This model has as much of a focus on the development of the coach/guide, as it has on how to effectively work with clients. Leadership coaches and consultants have found it to be profoundly useful and continue to seek advanced coach training and mentoring from Shahmeen in ever-expanding numbers. 

We are about to call together a gathering of professionals from across the globe, who have reached the pinnacle of their chosen careers and are noticing that there is something next, which eludes words, but is palpably different from the journey that brought them here. This community of co-explorers will gather virtually, and periodically in person, to enjoy the journey of being human, together. Watch for more about this in our newsletter, which you can register for below.


Our Foundational Principles

The Two Truths

You are enough as you are
You are a work in progress

These two truths are the bookends of our powerful development model, so you'll likely hear us reminding you, and ourselves about these often. They are truths we all tend to forget, especially when things aren't going well!

Leadership Development is a Journey

...not an event. The work happens through a process that extends over time.

All of the Above is True About Everyone

The need for leadership development is urgent, and universal. So the coaches and consultants who guide you through your leadership development journey must be fully engaged in their own journey of acceptance and evolution.

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Meet Our Team:

Shahmeen Sadiq, Founder and CEO

Shahmeen Sadiq, Professional Certified Coach, founded Anjali Leadership Inc. in 2005 and has served as leadership consultant and executive coach to hundreds of organizational leaders in dozens of industries across Canada, the United States and the Caribbean Region. Shahmeen is also an executive education faculty member for the University of Notre Dame and has been certifying, teaching and mentoring leadership development professionals in the use of The Leadership Circle™ instruments since 2008.

Shahmeen is passionate about evoking systemic leadership transformation for the sake of our collective best future. She believes that this requires the expansion of conscious and effective leadership, the building of intentional and compassionate relationship and the rebuilding of human resilience. Her work with organizational leaders, leadership development professionals and youth is all directed towards this vision.

Shahmeen is a graduate of the coach certification program of the Coaches Training Institute and took advanced training in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching with CRR Global.  In 2009 she was honored by the International Coach Federation with a Prism Award for large system culture change work done with a not-for-profit organization. 

Shahmeen is a poet, a photographer, a practitioner and teacher of meditation and a budding filmmaker.  She is mother to two teenaged sons, stepmother to a tween daughter and “team mother” to her son’s basketball team.  She loves to walk outside and considers her week complete if she can make two trips to her favourite spot overlooking the bluffs near her home in Toronto.

Juan Madina, Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach

Juan Madina has been a successful sales leader in both the corporate and manufacturing sectors for over 20 years both in Canada and internationally. Some of his work included the successful launch and management of a major brand of appliances in Canada, overseeing one of the most successful districts at a major national chain and creating and leading a chain of big box electronics and appliance stores for an overseas client. Juan has also developed and created many sales, coaching and process improvement programs at some of Canada’s largest and most successful retail chainsand manufacturers.

Juan is passionate about supporting his clients to create sustainable results and improved business performance. He is known for his grounded approach to business and firm belief that any problem large or small can be overcome. He is results-oriented and prides himself on creating and sustaining long lasting and successful relationships with clients and business partners. Juan’s strong belief is that any organization is as good as the talent it possesses so he advises his clients on ways to develop and mentor leaders to perform at the highest levels possible while maintaining a positive and balanced approach.

Juan has a Bachelor of Business degree, is certified in The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) and has completed the coach education program of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Throughout out his professional career, Juan has completed many leadership development programs such as Dale Carnegie, Sales for Retail Leaders and many others.

Juan has an adventurous and curious spirit and does not shy away from taking on new challenges. He is passionate about Scuba Diving and is a Master Instructor who enjoys teaching the sport to others. He also enjoys travelling and learning about new cultures and is a loving and caring father and partner.

Kathryn Hall, Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach

Known as the “people person” in organizations she serves, Kathryn’s goal working with businesses is to help them cultivate an environment where great people can do the best work of their lives.  Kathryn’s passion and calling is to empower people through coaching to improve their thinking. When she is serving as a coach, Kathryn’s intent is to encourage and foster transformation by helping her clients create space, tune in to their truth, see the whole picture, and strive for progress over perfection.

Kathryn has an engineering degree from the University of Virginia and extensive experience in telecommunications and network engineering, technical project management, and operations, both within the US and internationally. Her background spans multiple industries, including consulting, education, and financial services. Over the course of her career, she has been a transformational leader and coach dedicated to creating environments that inspire, engage, and develop associates. Kathryn has implemented sustainable solutions for inspiring best-in-class associate engagement, co-founded company coach communities of practice, and launched leadership group coaching programs, all while excelling in deftly delivering on business strategy.

Kathryn holds the Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) credential from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). This program is widely recognized as the most rigorous and thorough coach training and certification program in the industry and the only coach training program based on the Co-Active Model, a powerful process for engaging with others and supported by current scientific research. She is also certified to administer The Leadership Circle™ Profile assessment.

Barbara Emmanuel, Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach

Barbara Emmanuel is a graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of the West Indies and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and the Hotel and Catering Institutional Management (HCIMA) BTEC-Higher National Diploma. She is a licensed practitioner of Discover Insight and Clarity4D personality profiling, Insights into Liberating Leadership, Adair International, Full Circle Group – Leadership Development System, The Leadership Circle ProfileTM and is a certified Executive Coaching Professional, Institute of Organisational Development.

Barbara has over 30 years’ experience in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, from managing small properties to managing departments within 5* establishments.

Her career positions include:  Group Training Manager, The Resort Management Company; General Manager of a 21 unit condominium complex; Training Consultant for CTAP (Canadian Training Assistance Programme), designing a training plan for a small business in food handling and preparation; Office Manager and Buyer for a wine and liquor importer catering to the hospitality industry; Charge Housekeeper for 580 bedroom 5* hotel (Four Seasons, Toronto) with specific responsibility for the training and development needs of supervisors and staff.

As Group training Manger, Barbara designed and implemented management courses including such topics as Selection Interviewing, Managing Your Human Resources, Task Time and Management, Conducting an Effective Appraisal and Leadership skills programmes.  She has also designed coordinated and tutored Outdoor Development Courses for senior and line management to establish trust, communication, and teamwork.

As the Director of Human Resources, Sunswept Resorts Barbara consulted and advised the senior executives and management teams of the resorts on workforce planning, recruitment and retention strategies of their human resources.  She advised and assisted the management on developing incentive strategies geared to reward and motivate work teams and individuals to meet and/or exceed performance standards, product development and innovation. Barbara was instrumental in bringing to the resorts the Balanced Scorecard process for business planning and future development.


Royal Carney, Coach - Youth Programs

Royal Carney is a facilitator and coach in our Power Circles for Youth programs. His professional background is in sports, physical education, and physical fitness. He worked in the Ontario Hockey League, and has been a physical education teacher for over 12 years. He has a diploma in Sports Administration from Durham College, an Undergraduate Degree in History and English from the University of Toronto, and a Masters of Education Degree from D’Youville College. Royal has an extensive background in the martial arts as well, having been trained in Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and has reached instructors level in the Russian Martial Art of Systema. He has completed the core curriculum of the Co-Active Coach training through CTI and will be embarking on his certification process in the fall of 2018.

Royal believes that everyone has tremendous potential inside them just waiting to explode. He is committed to helping youth harness their abilities and keep their life focused on their most important values and goals.

Cynthia Adam-Wing, Finance Manager

Cynthia has worked closely with us from the earliest days of Anjali Leadership.

Her passion is helping business owners understand their business and its financial health through the profession of bookkeeping.  She subcontracts her knowledge to entrepreneurs and small businesses bringing a multitude of specialties in bookkeeping, yearend preparation, CRA compliance, payroll and customer care through accounts receivable management.

She not only brings a great knowledge of accounting and business financial management to the table, she also bring a wealth of customer service understanding and experience. Having spent many years as a collections agent for a range of companies, she has benefited from the learned understanding that customer care and managing client expectations benefits all.

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